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Customer Buzz

I first learned about Sunisha Designs by reading a Jacksonville Magazine article back in the early 2000s. The article caught my eye for several reasons. A few years later, I had the opportunity to meet the woman behind this label and oh, what a pleasure it has been! Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Manisha and her family personally and have worked with Manisha on a professional level as well. It’s hard to find people that are equally passionate about family life and their career that know how to balance them so beautifully together. How does she find the time? When I sat with Manisha in her studio, I could see her passion for her creative bags come to life. A very organized person, her level of commitment toward pleasing her clients while having fun and delivering in a timely manner is well worth checking out the website and supporting this local designer. She rocked the runway at First Coast Fashion Week with a standing ovation – a testament that the audience thought her line was a hit too! Very proud to call her a personal friend and colleague.

-Roxana Seminario

I have been a customer since 2005. I know Manisha Joshi personally. Her bags are beautiful like her. The prices are very reasonable too.

-Anjali H. Russell

Manisha is a class act. Someone who doesn’t see her customers as customers, but personally cares for them as friends. Her love for people is what drives her and who wouldn’t want that in any business? The personal, detailed touches she puts on her work are truly one-of-a-kind and she’s one of the sweetest people I know. I’ve known her since 2004 and have worked with her in both philanthropy and personally.

-Nanette Vallejos

Not only is Manisha Sunil Joshi one of the few trusted, genuine and honest creatives in the Jacksonville area, but she is also a very talented one! I have not only had the chance to work with her on multiple fashion events over the past three years but I am also one of her customers. I got a satchel from her two years ago and I use it quite regularly and it has stood the test of a working man’s wear and literally shows no signs of it to this day! I highly recommend her and her products. She will not only do what she says she will do but she will also do a great job at it and be very pleasant to work with along the way.

-Matthew Aponte

WE LOVE THE PRODUCT AND THE Designer 1. We heard about Sunisha Designs through Beth Sullivan 2. We were donated five beautiful handmade handbags for our fundraiser/fashion show. 3. The style was fun, bright and with a youthful flare and our donors and teens loved the colors and styles of such impeccable craftsmanship 4. We are always speaking highly of Sunisha Designs 5. Your doing a great job promoting!

Foster Closet, Jacksonville, FL

Manisha has done several custom pieces. She turned some special pieces I had from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta (that were almost ruined when my house had a busted pipe) into three bags. She talked to me, asked me what I wanted and listened attentively. I am very happy with my pieces. Also, she turned a size 4XL signed Jaguar jersey into a tote bag!! She did an awesome job. It couldn’t have turned out better or gone smoother. She is great.

-Debbie Kersey Dangar

I was thrilled with what Manisha did for me with my wedding dress. I have been married for over 20 years and I always wanted to do something with my wedding dress for my daughter. I first saw her on WJXT’s The Morning Show and she had done this creative design with an old wedding dress. She made handbags, garter belts and other things you use for a wedding. It was a great idea to pass along something that held such memories. Mine turned out beautiful. She had made handbags, a garter belt and small gift bags for the bridesmaids. My favorite is the gorgeous baby blanket she made out of the train of my dress. I was impressed with her craftsmanship of everything–the detail is wonderful and although she is known for her one of kind handbags she is creative with whatever needs you have. Thank you Manisha–you are the best!                                                               

-Tina Schultz, WJXT, Jacksonville, FL

I was married in September of 1964 in  Ft. Lauderdale and my  gown was called “Candlelight”…no designer label, just a beautiful dress from the rack! I discovered Sunisha Designs in the window display of a florist on San Jose Blvd.  The thought of cutting up my wedding dress and making the bags myself was more that I could bear, so I thought I would try to find Sunisha Designs. I visited the new owner of the florist shop. I told her my story and why it was important to me to find Sunisha Designs.  She came out with the number on a tiny scrap of paper.  It was meant to be!  We were both so happy! Manisha made three larger purses for  bridesmaids to carry, three little bags for  flower girls  and three pillows for  ring-bearers.  I have three children and five grandchildren so each family will have a set of heirloom gifts from Grandma Judi! We then decided to make a few more purses since we had fabric, appliqués  and buttons left. And you never know…there may be more grandchildren someday! It’s so much easier to store the small keepsakes that to have kept a wedding gown that doesn’t fit anyone in the next generation!  My  daughters and daughter-in-law are just thrilled!

-Judi Williams, Jacksonville, FL

This is soooooooooooo wonderful.  I can just my sis turning into the next Vera Wang or Liz Clairborne!!  I am proud and impressed with your talent and hard work.

-Smita Valia, Irvine, CA

Just a quick line to say congrats on the TV appearance- too bad it is not broadcast in CA. I know one day I will see you on Oprah :)

-Jennifer Coulson, Fountain Valley, CA

I’ve gotten to know Manisha for about four years now. Though I’m not a mom right now but hope to be in the near future I just fell in love with the creativity/ idea of the diaper bag. So I called and spoke to Manisha and she suggested since, I travel back east quite often that she was willing to create a suede brown/black jungle print laptop bag. Which I have to say I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my first piece from Manisha Designes . I had a chance to visit her home studio and got to see all the fabrics/handbags/cards. Us ladies can not just stop at one…so yes…with Manisha’s unique and savvy style I saw more items that got my attention. Not only did she create the laptop bag. Also with her extensive knowledge and expertise made me two silk fuchsia clutches to match my Indian dresses again more compliments and last but not least a dozen personalized monogram cards that are silk fabricated with embodied on the bottom in two combinations one of baby blue/fuchsia and second in golden/Burgundy red. Manisha you have truly out done your self! You will be seeing me again with more orders!

-Bijal Dave, Scottsdale, AZ

You are such an eloquent, artistic writer, Manisha. I always enjoy reading your newsletters. Professional yet personal, that’s your style. Love the picture of your children, and of you and your husband. It’s wonderful to have such a beautiful “niche” – but you’re a unique person, anyway.
-Elaine Anwander, Jacksonville, FL

Congrats!……saw you on TV this a.m……the silver satin with flower was my favorite! Keep making the great designs.
-Barbara Brigety, Jacksonville, FL

As a harried mother of two young children, my most prized Sunisha Designs bag is my beautiful diaper bag. Most people wouldn’t characterize their diaper bag as beautiful, but mine is: rich, chocolate brown with beautiful white stitching on it. As beautiful as it is on the outside, the inside has got to be practical. Mine is! It’s roomy and has several pockets for diapers, wipes, bottles, and any little thing my children may need. Now, despite my practicality as a mother, there’s the “girly” side to me, too. That’s why I own 2 Sunisha Designs purses and one very fun make-up bag. It is made of pink felt with a whimsical pattern of “girly” items, and is big enough to hold all of my essentials. My purses include one that’s got the most beautiful turquoise and orange pattern, with a bamboo handle. And the second purse is a simple black and white clutch with a beautiful white leather flower on it. I would definitely purchase a Sunisha Designs purse again! You can’t go wrong with such beautiful fabrics and fabulous designs at your disposal, and you REALLY can’t go wrong if you design it yourself!
-Staci Spanos, Jacksonville, FL

I heard about Sunisha Designs through the founder and owner and have so far purchased two fabulous handbags, and Manisha is working on another handbag for a difficult-to-match summer dress right now. The handbags are well-designed, durable and incredibly unique, often with an Indian flair – I always get comments about how beautiful they are! Everything I have purchased has been custom designed especially for me and I just love that. The products can be customized to match a specific outfit or pair of shoes. I also love that the products are designed and manufactured here in Jacksonville because it ensures a high-quality product with a quick turnaround (and helps the local economy). What makes Sunisha Designs different is Manisha’s flair for design and fashion, her personal service and the flexibility to buy off-the-rack or a custom order.
-Sujata Deshmukh, Jacksonville, FL

I had attended a Holiday Bazaar at a friend’s house at the beach where Manisha was selling her handbags and notecards. My daughter Rachel and I couldn’t decide which one to get! I immediately liked the unique designs and quality construction of each handbag. Rachel had about three on her arm that she just couldn’t put down. She finally decided on a Hello Kitty tote bag that she could use for school. Although the school forbids tote bags as she later found out, she is enjoying “toting” it around town.”
-Jovanna Banks, Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to give you some feedback about your web site, your marketing emails, and your style. They are fabulous! I know other entrepreneurs that are selling their wares via the internet, and their emails and websites aren’t nearly as appealing as yours. For one, you never have typos and mistakes, which seems minor, but it is huge when it comes to first impressions. Also, your use of language, the word choices you make, all contribute to a feeling of class. Your typesetting, your fonts, now your pictures, all very visually appealing. I can just see you featured in People magazine or In Style magazine one day… it will say, Manisha Joshi started out in her tiny home studio and now has a thriving multi-million dollar business, all while setting trends across the nation….Keep up the good work!
-Cheryl O’Toole, Irvine, CA

The tote bag with the flying pig fabric arrived yesterday and I am thrilled! I will use it everyday, carrying my things to work, to the gym and in the nicer weather, to the beach. Thanks so much!
-Elizabeth Feier-Hauser, East Rochester, NY

I’ve known Manisha for several years and was thrilled when she said she would be starting up her own business. She’s always been creative and artistic and I knew this would be a great fit for her. I absolutely fell in love with the items she had on her website and as a new mom, asked if she made diaper bags. She didn’t, but in true Manisha fashion she said she would custom make one just for me!!! I went to her home studio and was able to pick out the exact fabrics I wanted and within a couple of weeks had a brand new swanky diaper bag. It has tons of pockets and holds everything I need. I’ve have gotten a lot of compliments from friends and have told all of them to check out Manisha’s webpage and blog. I will most certainly be shopping Sunisha Designs again, in fact, I was just browsing for a new handbag!
-Sheelu Flegal, Nashua, NH

You are really BIG these days. I am so proud of you. Now that I’m in Illinois, I really wish that I was there to pick out some fabulous fabric and have you design me a handbag. I may have to do it over the phone, I want something that is very unique, which won’t be hard to do with your style and creativity. I want it to be a bag that my friends here say, ” where did you find that”. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas on the internet with me. Keep the email’s coming.
-Dawn Abraham, Springfield, Illinois

I discovered the company through an ad in the Times Union newspaper and am so happy I did! I purchased two gift certificates for family members. They redeemed them for custom handbags and the work was exceptional, done on time and Manisha went out of her way to accomodate special needs. I would definitely refer her to friends as she is delightful to work with.
-Mary Ann Miller, Jacksonville, FL

I was introduced to Manisha and Sunisha Designs during a volunteer event for Childrens Home Society. She brought her handbags, Wine Wraps, and wrappings to our recruiting event for a preview party. We were able to purchase right from her stock. She had so many style and patterns to choose from. I purchased a grey flannel messenger bag that she had created to hold my laptop and files. But she took that bag design and created one especially for me for a more comfortable carrying style. And she worked on it until it was perfect just for me. I also purchased a new handbag for my Mom. Manisha definitely went the extra mile to make the handbag especially deigned for me. I carry my bag everywhere, It holds a laptop as well as all of my other necessities for everyday use. I get many compliments on my messenger bag and I know my mom get compliments on her bag in Las Vegas. She points to the tag and tells the to go check it out on line. I tell friends about Sunisha all the time. Thank you!
-Patti Rambo, Jacksonville, FL

I heard about Sunisha Designs from Manisha, the owner. I saw her bag and loved it. I purchased a medium-sized Portobello Road handbag that she custom made for me with fabric I chose and even down-sized since I wanted a smaller version. I would suggest producing a fabric wrap that has (with velcro) portable and interchangeable pocketed storage that can be inserted inside all my larger bags. I already have gotten many compliments on this handbag and love how lightweight it is.
-Joan Harmon, Jacksonville, FL

I love the handbags Manisha made from my old Cowboys t-shirts and jerseys. I brought them to Jacksonville on a visit and was so excited to get them done. My friends love them and they were a big hit in school. I use them all the time and they are perfect for all my books and stuff!
-Khushbu Joshi, Dallas, TX

Hi Manisha! How great for you….There are so many times when I notice your business growth and think of how you started and kept your focus and passion alive.
-Michele Bryan, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I was so excited about getting my own custom-made handbag for my birthday. My mom, Sheri, took me to the home studio where it took me hours to select from all the fabrics just the perfect combination. I chose the best – silks and brocades! Within weeks, my handbag was ready and all my friends in highschool were blown away! Manisha even made a custom matching IPOD case for me. I’ve recommended her to all my friends and can’t wait to get another one.
-Callie Ringpfiel, Jacksonville, FL

The custom-designed bag was the perfect accent to my wedding dress and overall my wedding. It was just the right touch and was made with only two weeks notice. It was simple, yet so elegant, which is exactly what I wanted throughout the wedding. I felt so special to have my very own bag, made personally for me. It made my day that much more special and now I have another keepsake for that magical day!
-Nanette Vallejos, Jacksonville, FL

My mother in law got the Henna Handbag for Mother’s Day and she adores it! Thank you SO MUCH for sending it to her, you saved me! I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day as well. Thanks again!
-Cheryl O’Toole, Irvine, CA

Hi Manisha, Thank you so much for participating in the 2006 LA Femme Film Festival. The festival was a huge success everyone loved your bags, especially the cow print bag. I wish you could have been at the event to hear how all of the panelists were gushing over your bags with the different fabrics. We were giving them out to the judges and they were picking each bag up one at a time just raving about the fabrics. Here’s a photo of the President and Festival Director of the LaFemme Film Festival with her now coveted handbag. It was fabulous to see, Manisha!
-Ronna Nelsen, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Manisha, thank you for your generosity in donating the beautiful wine bottle covers for our silent auction. It was a pleasure meeting you, and once again, thank you for your generous support.
-Cheryl Pearson, Area Executive Director, American Lung Association of Florida

WOW AGAIN! I love your business newsletters. The poetry is beautiful, thought provoking (I can just see you dancing with happy abandon!). I visited all the links – very impressive.
-Patti Harper, Jacksonville, FL

Manisha, your website is fabulous! I watched your TV clip, and I thought you did a great job… so sophisticated and classy! Your new photo cards look awesome! Did you take all these photos? Have I told you how much I love your website? You put so many details into it that it is fun to visit! I like that I can shop and catch up with you and what’s going on at the same time. You have a very happy balance between products and personal connections. There are so many small businesses who could take hints from you!
-Barbara Addy, Jacksonville, FL

I bought a CD Wrap and a Wine Bag that was custom made for me. Both were gifts for friends. They added elegance to the gifts and my recipients loved them. I will definitely be buying from Sunisha Designs again and look forward to seeing more!
-Dawn Abraham, Jacksonville, FL

I purchased several wine bags, some for myself, others for gifts. I thought the handmade bags were perfect to give as a hostess gift, holding whatever was appropriate. I still use one as a liner for a basket in my kitchen and would gladly purchase something again. Since I purchased those bags, I’ve seen similar bags in stores from upscale gift shops to large home goods stores and the bags at all of these stores are mass produced. I love the hand stitching and unique fabrics in Sunisha Designs bags.
-Suzanne Egan, Ponte Vedra, FL

Hi Manisha! How great for you….There are so many times when I notice your business growth and think of how you started and kept your focus and passion alive.
-Michele Bryan, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dear Manisha, My wonderful daughter-in-law purchased the handbags you made for me and it was the most thoughtful and beautiful idea. You did such a great job on them. My mom passed away and the handbags were made from silk scarfs she had for years. Your designs were so wonderful, I just love them and I use them all the time. I told my friend about your company and she plans on sending her mom’s scarves to you soon. It is so nice to have such a personal and one of a kind design. I appreciate your attention to detail and your great work of art. I thank her so much for the idea and her thoughtfulness on this gift to me, and thank you for doing such a creative and wonderful job on my two handbags.
-Donna B. Boston, MA

Manisha, I thought you might like to know that the CD wrap I bought from you was very well received. I actually got comments on it – unsolicited I might add! Thanks for working with my to get over to your studio…I know I caught you at a hectic time.
-Cindy Panetti, Jacksonville, FL

I met the designer at a show of mine, saw her products and web page, and am very impressed with her products. I purchased some beautiful bags that I filled with potpourri, and some gift tags for presents. She has such beautiful fabrics and designs, I had trouble deciding which ones to purchase! The gift tags were a big hit on gifts I have given. Everything is so unique and original. The specialty cards and wine bags, etc., are all hand made and beautiful!
-Michelle Bohler, Jacksonville, FL

Sunisha Designs bags make unique gifts. I purchased several custom-made gift bags and my recipient loves hers! I’ll definitely be back to buy more.
-Sheri Ringpfiel, Jacksonville, FL

I met Manisha through the Chamber of Commerce’s Professional Women’s Council. My first purchae was a wine bag that was part of a collection and although we originally intended it for a gift, I have grown used to seeing it on the counter with the other wines. The bag blends in beautifully with my decor and plants. Since launching her custom handbag collection, I had her create a fun patchwork tote bag to carry all my things in. Picking out all the different fabrics was only half the fun…when I saw what became of them, I was really happy!
-Pixie Larizza, Neptune Beach, FL

Manisha is my sister-in-law and we love that her products reflect her personal sense of style and good taste. I purchased wine bags with a different fabric and trim, which were gifts for the partners’ in my husband’s office and as requested, the designer added beading and trim to suit each bag. The partners were very pleased to receive their wine bottles wrapped so decoratively in these wine bags. I have since enjoyed buying different handbags from her that she created from old outfits I was not wearing as seen in this photo. I’ll most definitely be purchasing again from the vast array of beautiful products Sunisha Designs has to offer.
-Adeeti Joshi, Tampa, FL

Anything Manisha touches comes out fabulous! She’s amazing. And THANK GOODNESS my custom handbag is ready – ny purse is getting dirty (again).
-Ashley Harper, Jacksonville, FL

I purchased one CD wrap, two Wine bags, and a Calendar wrap, which was custom made for me. Each of these was for family and friends to wrap their Christmas presents with. I received a lot of comments regarding the quality and beauty of the handmade work. Would I purchase something again from Sunisha Designs? Absolutely!
-April Hasman, Rochester, NY

I saw the fashion show and your products are really pretty.
-Nola Lester, Jacksonville, FL

A friend referred me to Sunisha Designs as I was looking for a gift bag and champagne bag. Both were custom made and an extra effort was made to find the unusual fabric I wanted. I’m wrapping my gifts with these bags and I know my friend will love them.
-Julie Schiff, Rochester, NY