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About Manisha S. Joshi


Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my lovely boutique, Sunisha Designs.

I’m originally (Manisha Vakil) from Bombay, India. My family consists of my older sisters, Heena and Smita, their respective families and my parents, Arvind (smiling above in heaven) and Uma Vakil. My parents have inspired me as we have traveled the world together while instilling a love for culture and curiosity. When I was six months old, we moved to Stamford, Connecticut. Then moved to Nanuet, New York and finally to several cities in Southern California. My father’s career in chemical engineering led to many of these moves and luckily my parent’s passion for traveling took us to Europe, East Asia, Dubai, Canada, Mexico and of course, India. I became quite the photography nut – my first camera was the Instamatic – does anyone remember that one with the manual flash bulbs you had to attach?

So with a camera in tow, sewing, crafting, card-making and other things I could make with my hands became the center of my summer activities. My mom loved all things fashion so watching her make beautiful dresses for my sisters and me was pure joy. She added such an amazing touch to our all of homes with curtains, decorative linens, pillow covers and tablecloths. We loved watching fashion shows together especially “Style with Elsa Klench“. To her and my own joy, my father bought clothes and jewelry from his international business trips which really fed our love of retail and opened the doors to learning about overseas styles and trends. I began a scrapbook of things I had hoped to create or design one day. As college, career and travel came into play; I put my creative thoughts into hibernation and was sure that one day I would reawaken them.

When I was 15, we moved back to Bombay to try our hand at living there and to further enrich ourselves into our Indian culture. I started writing poems about real-life themes and realized I really had something to talk about! After graduating with a B.A. in Economics from Mithibai College of Arts in 1992, we bid India goodbye and moved back to sunny California. In 1993, I surprised my parents on Mother’s Day with my first self-published book, Poetic Thoughts. It was the collection of writings from my college days in Bombay. And till this day, I laugh at all the seriousness of them and how I could have been so deep! After I graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Analysis and Design from the University of California, Irvine in 1996, I dived into the field of marketing and public relations. In 1998, I published my second book, if yesterday was, tomorrow would be, a more introspective look into life. And then life was about to blossom…

In the autumn of 2000, (Thursday, August 17th, 6:07pm to be exact), I met my love at first sight, Sunil. In May 2001, we got married and started our lives in Jacksonville, FL. Although I enjoyed my career in marketing and communications for 11 years, I knew I wanted to work with my hands and heart again.

In 2002, we moved to Rochester, NY, where Sunil pursued his two-year fellowship in Allergy & Immunology. While working at the American Red Cross full time, I took this time to research turning my dream into a business. I explored fashion, architecture, interior design, textiles, nature…anything and everything really.

We moved back to Jacksonville in July 2004 and at the same time, Sunil became a partner at Family Allergy Asthma Consultants ( and as an Allergist & Immunologist. He is curing all the achoo’s and allergies around town!

And then came family..our daughter, Saloni, born in September 2005. and our son, Sohan in May 2008, are the center of our best and most trying moments. You’ll always hear us talking about them and well, how can we resist? We are strong believers in being hands-on parents and they are with us most everywhere. As Jaguar season ticket holders, they’ve been coming to the games since they were each three months old. We love the memories that come with that…


We both love being involved in the community and our schedules often entail meetings, events and different roles with local charities and organizations. That’s why donating my time or via in-kind donations is so important to me at Sunisha Designs.

I try to keep up my love of writing and poetry in different ways. I’ve served as a motivational columnist for Desh Videsh magazine, a newsletter editor for The Professional Women’s Council, a newsletter editor for the The Duval County Medical Society Alliance and a blogger for JaxStyles magazine. I also got bitten by the blog bug and write now and then at


I am thankful everyday to have the chance to explore so many creative avenues with my business and especially with our kids. Watching Seinfeld reruns, having a real passion for life, being goofy with the kids, exploring the outdoors, writing poetry, traveling and always carrying a camera…that’s me.

Thank you for visiting and God bless.